Thursday, September 30, 2010

Charter Communications Maybe I Should Switch

Sorry for the recent lack of postings here. My ISP has got to have the most unreliable connectivity up time. I switched to Charter a few months back and I do get the speed that they advertised, however I haven't had a stable connection since day one. They have sent technicians out once every two weeks since I've decided to switch, what a mistake. I would not recommend them to anyone. Besides the connectivity issues I been having it seems that they don't want to give up trying to sell me a larger package or offer phone service. All I want from them is what I paid for, a stable and reliable internet connection. Has anyone else out there had problems with their ISP quality of service?


  1. I'm stuck with Hughesnet satellite cable so I'm not really sympathetic to your cause. I wish I had your problems.

  2. ^ XD lol
    my isp is ok. they will send someone to fix things when i call them.

  3. I highly recommend the fiber optic internet service... my p2p downloads come in at 1 Mb per second... i get a 2 hour movie in about 20 minutes... and the system has never once gone down in the two years that i've had it...

  4. well everyone has problems with his connection time to time. but i had problems only for few hours than it was solved.

  5. I have charter at home, and for 5$ more per month, I get 10Mbps internet. However, there is also now Verizon FiOS which is like 25Mbps, although I don't know pricing.

    Servicewise, Charter is not great because there are outages like every month for a few hours.


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