Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook Down?

According to & Facebook is down. Could it be a conspiracy?  An enraged group of anti-social hackers, outragged at the new movie 'The Social Network' due to release in October. Maybe just a stunt to get free publicity for their movie. Regardless in my opinoin it seems the whole nation has become to dependent on these social tools technology has blessed us with.

It all makes me wonder what "wide spread panic" may have been caused by this unexpected downtime.  Maybe a pale and malnourished  teen in Arizona got up from his computer for ten minutes to talk in person to his next door neighbor best friend.  Maybe Mrs.Johnson wasn't able to Facebook her husband  the missing ingredient for the family dinner plans of a lifetime.  Maybe I'm stuck writing this stupid article because I can't tend to 'Farmvile'. Who knows... although one thing that I do know is, we all need a break from our social networking lives. With that said I'm off to take a walk. Who knows what interesting things  I may find outdoors.
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